Call for Papers

Abstract submissions are open. All members and non members across all disciplines are invited to submit.

Please note that the Australian Statistical Conference 2016 will have three program streams managed by SSAI, AusDM and OZCOTS program committees. Each program stream will be reviewed and selected by the associated host. 

Abstract Deadlines:

AusDM: Extended until 2 September 2016
SSA: Closed 
OZCOTS: Closed for refereed papers
OZCOTS: Closed for non-refereed papers: Note as we had accepted sufficient abstracts to fill the program by 30 June, any further abstracts/papers received before 31 July will be put on a waiting list.  

Submission of Abstracts and Papers
The Program Committee invites the submission of abstracts and papers for original work for consideration as an oral, poster or full paper presentation in the Australian Statistical Conference 2016 program.

Please note the requirements to submit an abstract or paper differs for each associated host. Please ensure that you refer to the correct host guidelines, dates and templates before submitting your abstract or paper. 

To view templates, submission guidelines, dates and more information on the abstract management process for your associated host please click on the link below:

Please read the general policies and requirements below before submitting.

Abstract Submission Instructions
Please read through the submission instructions listed below before preparing your abstract:

Step 1: Read the Requirements that are associated with your Conference Host for the submission of abstracts.

Step 2: Prepare your abstract following the Abstract Format & Layout Guidelines that are provided in your Host Information Tab. 

Step 3: Download the Abstract Template that is provided in your Conference Host Information Tab and insert/add your abstract text. Save as a .doc or .docx document to your computer.

Step 4:
Click on the Abstract Submission button to submit abstracts for the SSAI and OZCOTS program streams. Click on the Full Paper Submission button to submit full papers for the AusDM program streams. 

Step 5:
Create your author account. Once you have registered online you will receive a verification email to the email address provided, please verify your email address and log in to create and upload your online submission. Please keep the link, your password and verification email somewhere safe to be able to re-log into your account.

Step 6: Click on Submit, select Abstract OR Full Paper as appropriate and upload your completed abstract using the appropriate host template. 

Step 7: On submitting your abstract / full paper please first select the correct host organisation to be considered for the correct program streams – SSAI, AusDM OR OZCOTS.

Step 7: Then select the theme, followed by the presentation type that best represents your submission.

Step 8: Press submit. You will receive a notification email confirming receipt of your submission.

SSAI/OZCOTS Submissions

Click Here

AusDM Submissions

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General Policies and Requirements

  • All abstracts must be original work. An abstract should not be submitted if the work is to be published/presented at a major national or international meeting prior to the Australian Statistical Conference 2016.
  • An abstract must contain sufficient information so that if published it will be a complete report independent of presentation. The text should not contain statements alluding to results or conclusions not presented within the text.
  • Submission acknowledges consent to publication of the abstract in the Conference proceedings publication.
  • The presenting author will be required to register for the Conference in order to ensure their abstract(s) is included in the final programme. Deadline for presenting author registration is dependent on the author notification date of the host association. 
  • All submissions must be completed electronically via the online submission facility. If you are unable to submit in this manner, please contact the Conference Managers at or phone: +61 2 9265 0700 for further information.
  • All abstracts must be prepared according to the guidelines provided for each Conference Host. Abstracts will only be accepted and published if submitted using the supplied template that each Host has supplied.
  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts that may be submitted by an individual. However, splitting of a body of work into multiple abstracts is discouraged and consolidation into one abstract is preferred.
  • More than one paper can be submitted by delegates for different hosts, however every submission to a host needs to be a separate submission on eOrganiser.
  • Do not resubmit an abstract for any reason other than a notified submission error. If you do not receive a confirmation email with a receipt number confirming that your abstract was successfully uploaded, please contact the Conference Managers.

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SSA Program Dates

1 February 2016 – Registration and abstract submissions opened

14 August 2016 – Extended abstract submission deadline

9 September 2016 – Authors notified

16 September 2016 – Early bird registration cut-off date

23 September 2016 – Extended early bird registration deadline

24 October 2016 – Preliminary program available

24 October 2016 – All authors registered

14 November 2016 – Final program confirmed

5 – 8 December 2016 – SSAI Conference dates



AusDM Program Dates

1 February 2016 – Registration and paper submissions opened

2 September 2016 – Paper submission closes

16 September 2016 – Early bird registration cut-off date

23 September 2016 – Extended early bird registration deadline

24 October 2016 – Authors notified

7 November 2016 – Camera ready submission

9 November 2016 – Preliminary program confirmed

6 – 8 December 2016 – AusDM Conference dates


OZCOTS Program Dates

1 February 2016 – Registration and abstract submissions opened

30 June 2016 – Abstract submission closed for papers to be refereed

29 July 2016 – Deadline for papers to be refereed

31 July 2016 – Abstract submission closes for non-refereed papers

7 August 2016 – Authors will be notified 

16 September 2016 – Early bird registration cut-off date

23 September 2016 – Extended early bird registration deadline

24 October 2016 – All authors registered

24 October 2016 – Final versions of all papers submitted

24 October 2016 – Preliminary program confirmed

14 November 2016 – Final program confirmed

8 – 9 December 2016 – OZCOTS Conference dates