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In the past time, storage was a major concern for both small and large facilities. However, with the various designs of structural pallet racks, the issue of storage has become a thing of the past. These storage systems help for better and more organized storage of finished and semi-finished products. This innovation has improved the storage method of many housing and manufacturing products.

Before Buying Pallet Racks’

Due to the increase in demand for pallet racking systems, manufacturers are beginning to design these systems with several features and specifications. Broad varieties of racking options are available on the market and are specifically designed for individual industrial applications. Knowing more about design of racking systems, please pay a visit!

Here are some points that can serve as a checklist for making the best pallet rack selection:

Storage Density

The weight, quantity and size of your Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) will determine the right Pallet Rack for your warehouse. Take note that there are particular pallet racks for specific industry needs that help for organized storing of heavy, medium and light loads. When your facility demands storage of heavy weighted goods, you may want to choose between push-backs, pallet flow, drive-through, drive-in and double-deep racks.


The functionality and design of these racking systems are different. Hence the need to understand the most appropriate rack system for your inventory control before choosing one.

In the case of a LIFO inventory control system, drive-in or push back racks are most suitable. On the other hand, deep lane storage units like pallet flow racks are best for FIFO inventory systems.

Rack Decking

You may be better off buying more rack components like decking and pallet support alongside the pallet rack. These additional components provide added safety and protection for both the pallet racking and the products stored in them.

Forklift Access

This is a very important factor to consider. In some specific pallet racking systems like drive-through, double-deep and drive- in racks, proximity to forklift is a critical factor to consider. Confirm from your supplier or manufacturer if the racking system can offer long-term service and functionality even with its regular contact with the forklift while loading and unloading.

Widths of Aisle

You can select among the very narrow, narrow, and wide aisles after determining the requirement of your facilities. Consider these factors before choosing the right aisle

  • The Load requirement
  • The truck fleet used by forklift
  • Storage type: temporary selective storage, high-density or long-term storage.

Seismic zone

It is vital to check if the facility has a seismic zone. There are high-grade materials with specialized engineering which are ideal for high-risk earthquake areas.

Environment at Your Facilities

Put into consideration the FDA regulations, wash-down requirements and other specific product handling demands when choosing a pallet racking system. This will help you source the most appropriate item for optimum functionality and long lasting performance.

Get Manufacturers perspective

Getting in touch with top manufacturers will help you get the most suitable racking system that offers high performance. With their years of experience and expertise, they are your best bet when it comes to choosing the most appropriate racking systems for your operations.