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Top 8 Shelving Solutions That Provide Convenience

Setting aside enough space for your shelves could sometimes get difficult especially when moving into a new apartment. Many encounter scenarios where they get confused on the right shelving choice for space. 

This is clearly beyond an interior design issue and more of a space management problem. Here are the top 8 shelving solutions listed to aid flexibility and convenience in your room or office spaces. Are you ready to start stacking?

Built-in Shelving 

Are you worried about having little space for your shelf? The built-in shelving provides residents and office spaces with a shelving solution to accommodate tight spaces. Even in the most unexpected nook and corner, built-in shelves fit the room helping you to save space. Built-in shelves help you to make optimum use of your office or room space without compromising your convenience. The shelves could be installed into the walls before arranging the space or vice versa.

Top-hung Storage Shelving 

Still on the topic of space management in your room or office, the top-hung storage shelving helps to bring this to reality. This shelving solution is achieved by designing shelves that could be hung at varying heights of the room. With the shelves placed high from the base level, you have enough room to arrange other things. Multiple shelves and droppers could be affixed into the top-hung storage shelving to accommodate more items. This shelving option is best utilized on strong walls & buildings.

Adjustable Shelving

One highlighted benefit of this shelving solution is as implied; the option of being able to adjust the shelf vertically. The adjustability feature enables adjustment on each level to fit your requirements and needs. Adjustable shelves come in easy-to-move vertical racks and brackets that 10enable you to move each cabinet to your desired height. This shelving solution does not only supports ease when picking out items from the shelves but also aids flexibility during use. 

Longspan Shed Shelving 

Also known as Heavy Lifting Shelving, this shelving solution provides an extensive range of lengths of the racks and brackets for extra storage spacing. Longspan shed shelves are often made of high-quality durable steel materials capable of holding heavy items. The vertical upright part has double metal structures standing side-by-side to one another. In conjunction with the horizontal beams, this shelving solution provides long-lasting support that can hold items for as long as possible.

For a stockist of longspan shed shelving, Rackmart stocks this type and all the other shelving solutions you could think of! If you’ve already decided on this type of shelving for your space, check out the website for more details.

Corner Shelving

As the shelving solution name implies, corner shelves are designed to fit into corner spaces of rooms and offices. Corner shelving provides the best shelving solution for your corner spaces without making the room look jam-packed. 

You could have a couple of corner shelves of various sizes fit the room or office space without stuffing it up. Corner shelves could be placed up high using hinges on the wall or make them floor-based without obstructing movements in the room.

Fixed Bracket Shelving

Surprisingly, the fixed bracket storages are the modest form of shelving solutions currently in trend. You can easily install the shelving by fitting the brackets into the wall and racks laid on them. The size of the shelves could be adjusted to match your intended purpose for the fixed bracket shelving in your room space. Fixed bracket shelves are generally available in metal or wooden materials to provide comfort, durability, stability to customers globally.

Free Standing Shelving

People sometimes prefer to go for a shelving solution that enables them to freely move the shelf from time to time. Interestingly, the free-standing shelving solution provides users with this feature enabling them to change the position of your shelf. These shelves come in a variety of colors, shapes, materials, and designs to suit a wide range of consumerism. The diversity with free-standing shelves is the major reason everyone loves to have at least one in their room or office space.

Floating Shelving

To get a shelving solution that offers and supports flexibility as well as orderliness in your space, go for floating shelving. The floating name comes from the fact that these shelves have zero visible joinings in the form of nails or pins. In a sense, the shelves float since there’s zero visual proof that each piece of wood or plastic is connected to the other. The variety of design and color options available in the market supports vibrancy in your room or office space. They can’t be dismissed easily in a room.

Want Help With Your Shelving Purchase?

Getting the right shelving to fit your room or office space requires more than style or taste. If you’re not careful, you’d end up with a mismanaged space that could easily look jam-packed to guests. To avoid this, check out places like Rackmart or stockists with quality shelving to ensure your shelving is built to last!